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The Concept

What is Tabca ? 

Upcycled packaging - More than a (wine)box!

Tabca is a unique concept for upgrading and personalizing your wine and spirits packaging.
Packaging is used to contain, protect, preserve and communicate. Unfortunately, it's mostly doomed to be thrown or encumber us!
Tabca offers you all these advantages without the disadvantages ...
and some additional features!
The packaging is upgraded, thus extending its lifespan and value.


The word "Tabca" is the contraction of the terms Tablet and Case:
A box like no other, made up of two interconnected tablets.

What are its features?


A superb wine box in maritime pine essence, custom engraved according to your projects.


Nothing could be simpler!
Cut the string Lift the top plate
and there you have it:  two trays and their special content !

Tabca is not just packaging!
The two tablets that make up the box can be re-used in many ways
rather than destroyed or thrown away.

Its lifespan - and its visibility - are thus extendedin the form of :
Tablet : to serve your meals and share special moments with family, friends, etc.
Frame: A new form of framing your visuals
Shoe box
Picnic basket
Shelf / Storage box
Etc ...
The traditional aesthetic of the world of wine combined with your personalized project gives it all its modernity.

We offer you a complete set of modern marketing tools and support you in carrying out all types of projects. Whether it's a private or corporate event,
Tabca is a special gift for your clients or friends.
Printing your visuals on vinyl supports both waterproofing the bottom of the tablet and shaping it according to your wishes.
An eco-responsible concept, which allows you to leave your mark on your friends and / or customers for the long term.